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? ? ? AEROBICK 是一款高端專業級健身設備,可用于家庭、醫院、會所、康復中心等場所,面向高端人群。其最大特點是可以連接互聯網,并將用戶在鍛煉中的健康信息上傳至康貝健康數據管理中心。在對用戶的實時以及歷史健康數據進行分析后,專業人員將給予用戶科學的健康指導。

? ? ? AEROBICK內部機械傳動結構的開發由愛谷日方工程團隊擔當,從設計到完成全部測試耗費了近8個月的時間,最終我們實現了產品性能對競爭對手的全面超越!

? ? ??
? ? ? COMBI AEROBICK is high-end professional fitness equipment and can be installed for high-end customers in places like home, hospitals, clubs, and rehabilitation centers. Featuring access to Wi-Fi, AEROBICK can upload the data during exercise onto the COMBI Health Data Management Center. After a thorough analysis according to the in-time and historical data, professional health care personnel are to give scientific guidance to the users.

? ? ? AEROBICK’s internal mechanical drive system is researched and developed by Tokyo I.CO in a period as long as around 8 months, finally realizing the all-round superiority in product properties over the competitors’ products.

? ? ??
To effectively control the cost, Tokyo I.CO employs a special blister technology in Japan whose products are as qualified as those made with injection molding and which is free from surface spray. Thus the blistering technology helps to strike a perfect balance between quality and cost.

?服務內容?? ? ? ?設計研究 ?造型設計 ?模型制作
SERVISE?? ? ?Mockup Making , Style Design , Rearch Design
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