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? ? ? 傳統的發電機設備呆板的造型充滿著工業味道,很難讓人將它與我們的生活聯系起來,而CST2500PE卻不僅僅是為純工業而生,因此我們為CST2500PE的外觀注入了更多的時尚元素;我們用更多的斜線與斜面組合替代傳統發電機方方正正的外殼,在充分展現發電機的專業、實用與安全性的同時,為產品增添了更多的動感與活力;強烈反差的黑黃配色,以及高亮的圓角轉折外框架也讓發電機充滿強烈的視覺沖擊。
? ? ? The traditional generator is dull in outlook and seldom associated with everyday life; the CST2500PE, however, is not built for industrial use only. I.CO manages to inject many fashion elements into the outlook; the curved line and slope are combined to replace the traditional cube-shaped cover; while fully presenting the professionalism, function and safety, I.CO gives more actions and vitality to the generator; Strong contrast of black and yellow color as well as the framework with highlighted round tips all make the generator visually challenged.

?服務內容?? ? ? ?設計研究 ?造型設計 ?模型制作
SERVISE?? ? ?Mockup Making , Style Design , Rearch Design
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