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? ? ??蓄電池充電器方方正正的外殼與呆板木訥的控制面板與我們放松愜意的生活顯得格格不入,所以充滿生活輕松感的RASH-8便誕生了。整體造型輕便小巧,圓潤的一體式設計讓充電設備更加親和;上方的提手方便單手提攜;提手一側設計為上掀蓋,開啟掀蓋內部為連接線纜,方便連接充電。

? ? ??新穎別致的設計也讓RASH-8蓄電池充電器榮獲了日本GOOD DESIGN設計獎項;

? ? ? The cube-shaped battery charger and its dull control panel just can’t fit in with our relaxed and comfortable life, and the Battery Charger RASH-8, with a relaxed small size, and the round and unified design, emerges with a friendly feeling. On its top is a single pull handle; if lifting the flip cover on one side of the pull handle, the cable appears for charging.

? ? ? The unique and innovative design has made the Battery Charger RASH-8 an award-winner in the Japanese competition GOOD DESIGN.

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SERVISE?? ? ?Graphic Design?,?Style Design , Rearch Design
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