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? ? ??為shamood進軍日本市場而設計的車載出風口固體香水,屬于系列化產品中的外燃系列。跑車尾燈的造型設計無需多言便散發出強烈的激情,讓人熱血澎湃;動感的流線型外框展現十足的運動氣息,猶如燃燒的斗魂,充滿能量;如噴涂了高光車漆般的外框展現了產品的高品質感;簡易的分體拆裝結構,便于固體香水的更換使用。多種顏色的車燈造型內核,給人更多與愛車的搭配選擇,任意彰顯個性魅力。

? ? ? Tail Light is a solid vehicle-mounted air-outlet perfume designed to send Shamood into the Japanese market; it belongs to the “external combustion” product series. Shaped in the tail light, the Tail Light can naturally give a strong passion; the dynamic streamlined frame is so athletic that it is like the firing soul; the highly polished frame indicates dignified quality; it can be disassembled to replace the solid perfume inside; the tail light combinations of various color can provide more choice for the drivers to match their vehicles, thus can show personal charm.

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SERVISE?? ? ?Graphic Design?,?Style Design , Rearch Design
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