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?     相比于大瓦數的發電機,1KW發電機體型小、便于攜帶,更多用于個人或家庭娛樂使用,因此,產品不能只局限于體現專業、性能的固有印象,而應定位于輕便、科技、潮流感,傾向于年輕化、消費化的設計趨勢。

?     設計師大膽變更了分件形式,利用斜線,將產品從側面一分為二,形成了強烈的視覺ICON,極具辨識度。多邊形的切割形態,猶如未來宇宙戰士的鎧甲,強勁有力,富有先鋒科技感。啟動拉手、進風孔等也采用了不同的多邊形元素,形體多變又和諧統一,豐富了視覺層次,細節更值得玩味。

?     側面采用白色和深灰兩種顏色對比,加強了視覺沖擊力;細節處的多邊形彩色貼紙,使產品更靈動、有活力。背面的亞克力指示燈,不僅可以使用戶及時了解產品的使用狀態,更是視覺上的又一個亮點,增添科技和趣味感。

?     Compared with the large wattage generator, 1kW generator is small, easy to carry, and more suitable for personal or family entertainment. Therefore, the product should not be limited to reflect the inherent impression of professional and performance, but should be positioned in the sense of handiness, science and technology, fashion, and tend to the design trend of youth and consumption.

?     The designer boldly changed the split form, using diagonal lines to split the product from the side into two, forming a strong visual icon, which is highly recognizable. The cutting shape of polygon is just like the armor of the future cosmic warrior. It is powerful and full of pioneering sense of science and technology. The starting handle and air inlet hole also adopt different polygon elements. The shape is changeable and harmonious, which enriches the visual level, and the details are worth pondering.

?     The side adopts white and dark gray color contrast to enhance the visual impact; the polygonal color stickers at the details make the product more flexible and energetic. The acrylic indicator on the back not only enables users to know the working status of the product in time, but also is another visual highlight, adding a sense of technology and interest.

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