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?    FITURE Power是一款以力量訓練為核心的全功能家庭科技健身產品。它以數據驅動,同時兼具智能健身硬件、頂級私教指導、海量健身課程和專業在線社區等功能,讓你足不出戶就能體驗專業運動員訓練級別的家庭科技健身新方式。

?    愛谷設計與FITURE團隊從前期產品定義到最終產品落地全程緊密配合,以用戶體驗為核心打造出這一款高度創新的運動健身系統。從前期的設計研究,到產品FEA可靠性計算,運動機構創新研發,產品外觀設計,每一處細節都反復考量與精心設計。最終與FITURE合作將如此創新的運動健身系統打造為落地量產產品。

?    FITURE Power通過調節支臂高度和角度,搭配不同的配件,可模擬上百種以往在健身房里才能完成的專業訓練動作,實現一臺機器就完美替代了分別需要對手、肩、胸、背、腰、臀、腿及其它核心肌群訓練所需的多臺訓練器械。通過搭載的超高清屏幕,極富品質的音響系統以及高清視頻課程,帶給您極致的沉浸式體驗。通過計算機視覺與深度學習、AI姿態識別和設備傳感器,智能教練系統將實時監測并糾正你的每個動作,確保訓練動作的規范,幫你更快達成健身目標。

?     FITURE Power is a full-featured home fitness product with strength training as the core. It is driven by data, and has the functions of intelligent fitness hardware, top-level private education guidance, massive fitness courses and professional online community, so that you can experience a new way of home science and technology fitness at the training level of professional athletes without leaving home.

?     I.CO design and the FITURE team work closely from the early product definition to the final product landing, and build this highly innovative sports and fitness system with user experience as the core. From the preliminary design research, to the FEA reliability calculation, the innovative research and development of sports mechanism, and the product appearance design, every detail is repeatedly considered and carefully designed. Finally, cooperate with FITURE to build such an innovative sports fitness system into a landing mass production product.

?     By adjusting the height and angle of the arm and matching different accessories, FITURE power can simulate hundreds of professional training actions that can only be completed in the gym in the past, so that a single machine can perfectly replace multiple training devices required for the training of the opponent, shoulder, chest, back, waist, hip, leg and other core muscle groups. The Ultra HD screen, high-quality audio system and high-definition video course will bring you the ultimate immersive experience. Through computer vision and deep learning, AI pose recognition and device sensors, the intelligent trainer system will monitor and correct every movement in real time, ensure the standardization of training movements, and help you achieve fitness goals faster.

 服務內容        設計研究  造型設計  結構設計  機構設計
SERVISE      Rearch Design ,Style Design , Structural Design , Mechanism Design
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