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?     GS1800i作為其產品家族中第三臺面試機型,與GS9501i有著相同的錯位競爭的定位。其功率大于傳統1KW機型,略遜于對手的2KW機型,體型大致介于兩者之間,其很好地彌補了1KW機型因功率不足而導致的使用局限,同時又為用戶提供了更加豐富的選項。

?     低功率機型主要針對入門級用戶,年輕、個性、活力以及追求自由的用戶特質要求GS1800i必須具備強烈的獨特氣質。

?     我們遵循”未來”、”科技“、”人性”的品牌定位,延續了GS2200i的X、Y字形設計元素貫穿形體始終,營造著未來科幻的氛圍,同時結合切割寶石的設計元素準確契合了年輕女性用戶的審美需求。
?     As the third member of its product family, GS1800i has the same positioning of dislocation competition as GS9501i. Its power is larger than the traditional 1KW model but slightly inferior to the opponent's 2KW model, and its body size is roughly between the two models. It perfectly makes up for the limitations of 1KW model of lower power and in the meanwhile, provides the users with more options.

?     The low-power model is mainly for the entry-level users but those who are young, characteristic, energetic and freedom-seeking require GS1800i to have a strong and unique temperament.

?     Following the brand positioning of "future", "technology" and "humanity", we continue the X-shaped and Y-shaped design elements of GS2200i throughout the body, creating a Sci-Fi atmosphere of the future, and at the same time, combining the design elements of gemstone cutting to meet accurately the aesthetic needs of young female users.

 服務內容        設計研究  造型設計  模型制作  平面設計
SERVISE      Mockup Making , Style Design , Rearch Design , Graphic Design
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