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?     華世丹H4500iE作為更大機型的靜音變頻發電機,延續了華世丹H2000iE穩定的、極具科技感且具有獨特ICON風格的系列外觀。定位的消費人群是更具娛樂性和追求更高生活品質的家庭郊游娛樂愛好者們,對于此類用戶而言,更高端的特技產品和更卓越的使用體驗更被他們所期望。

?     H4500iE外觀沉穩端正,流暢的曲面線條勾勒出復古與科技的融合共生,設計師巧妙地將提手融入機體帶給用戶強烈的整體視覺感官,排風口設計平穩排布盡顯深沉。同時我們內化了最前沿的引擎驅動技術特征并采用強對比的黑橙色調搭配,使產品所呈現出的未來科技更蘊藏了溫度與活力。
?     As a silent VF generator of a larger model, Hwasdan H4500iE, with ICON style, continues the stable, highly technical and unique appearance of Hwasdan H2000iE series. The targeted consumers are family outing entertainers who are keener on entertainment and pursuing higher quality of life. For such users, they expect more high-end products with special effects and more excellent user experience.

?     The appearance of H4500iE is steady and regular, and the smooth curved lines outline the integration and symbiosis of retro and technology. The designer skillfully integrates the handle into the body to give the user a strong overall visual sense, and the design of air outlet is smooth with calmness. At the same time, to reveal the temperature and vitality of future science and technology, we have internalized the most cutting-edge engine driving technology and have adopted a strong color contrast of black and orange.

 服務內容        設計研究  造型設計  模型制作
SERVISE      Mockup Making , Style Design , Rearch Design
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