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?     CT-6000GL型發電機組實現了汽油及天然氣兩種燃料的無縫切換,為用戶提供了一種更加環保且高效的能源選項,擴展了產品的使用場景。

?     由于雙燃料機型科技含量更高,因此我們大膽借鑒了隱形航空器鉆石切割的設計語言并將其融入產品側護板的設計中,同時采用灰、黑、銀三色搭配,營造出極富科技感、未來感的氛圍,使產品視覺形象從傳統發電機組陣營中脫穎而出,進一步強化了品牌的定位。
?     CT-6000GL generator set has realized seamless switching between gasoline and natural gas, providing the users with an option of more environmental and efficient fuel, expanding the use scenarios of the product.

?     Since the dual fuel model is of higher science technology content, we boldly bring the design language of invisible aircraft diamond cutting and into the design of the side board. At the same time, we combine the colors of gray, black and silver to create an atmosphere with a strong technical and future sense, which makes the product different from the traditional gensets and further strengthens the brand positioning.

 服務內容        設計研究  造型設計  模型制作
SERVISE      Mockup Making , Style Design , Rearch Design
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