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德潤特 數字化X射線攝影系統



? ? ?基于德潤特的品牌定位,我們將”優雅感“及”未來感“的特質注入設計中。使產品突顯先進與科技,但又不失親和與信賴,同時還兼備了優雅的氣質!

? ? ?控制面板模塊主要采用鋁壓鑄配合機加工的工藝。優雅的銀灰色鋁陽極環狀把手環抱高拋光黑色玻璃面板,給人以極致、科技的視覺感受。同時,構成把手的曲線面尤如絲帶般委婉、順滑,賦予了產品典雅、高貴的藝術氣質!為獲得有出眾的手感,我們將按鍵合理布局在玻璃面板兩側的內凹曲面上,在滿足快速、準確操作的同時,保證了最為自然、柔和的觸感。

? ? ?為進一步優化用戶體驗,我們針對不同身材的用戶進行了大量的尺寸測量與分析,并對產品尺寸進行了深入且全面的優化,從而大大提升了產品的舒適性與適用性。

? ? ? Based on its brand positioning, I.CO injects the “elegant and futuristic feelings” into DDIT product design and makes its products more advanced, elegant, user-friendly and trustworthy.

? ? ? DDIT’s control panel is a machined aluminum pressure die-casting part with a ring-shaped aluminum anode handle in elegant silver grey circling the highly polished glass panel, giving a spectacular scientific visual enjoyment. What’s more, its handle’s curved surface is smooth like a ribbon, bestowing the panel an elegant and noble artistic feeling. Also, to ensure extraordinary hand feeling, the button is properly laid out on the dented and curved surfaces on either side of the panel, which help to operate quickly and accurately with a naturally soft touch.

? ? ??To further optimize the user experience, I.CO gets large numbers of dimensional measurements from users of different figures, carries out analysis and deeply optimizes the size of its products in an all-round way, thus making the products more comfortable and applicable.

?服務內容?? ? ? ?設計研究 ?造型設計 ?結構設計 ?平面設計
SERVISE? ? ? Graphic Design?,Structural Design , Style Design , Rearch Design
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